Chorus FX is available on the Apple Store

Chorus FX is a new effect guitar app and guitar interface for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
Chorus FX guitar app works with the Flanger Plug and most other iOS guitar adaptors. The Flanger Plug is an ultra-portable guitar interface for iOS device, with the Flanger Plug, you can connect your guitar with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, and enjoy all the jamming features with your headphone, audio interface or PA system.
Guitar FX Chorus is a digital guitar effect unit for your acoustic and electric guitar, bass…
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The concept is simple: While you play your guitar, the microphone of the headset of your iPhone or iPod Touch picks up the sound of your guitar. Chorus FX applies the chorus effect in real time to the input signal and outputs the result directly over the earphones. As a consequence, your acoustic guitar will sound to you just like an electric guitar that is plugged into an amplifier with a chorus effect unit.
Also, you can play your songs with a great collection of battery and bass samplers.
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What you get:
- save different chorus effects
- the intensity of the effect can be adjusted continuously
- save up your own presets and reload them at any time with a short touch of a button
- super low latency between 12 and 23 milliseconds
- high quality audio output at 44.1 KHz
Captura de pantalla del iPhone 3REQUIREMENTS:
- iPhone with any kind of earphones
- iPod Touch 2nd generation with a headset that has an integrated MICROPHONE
The headset’s microphone is essential, because the iPod itself does not have a microphone. We recommend the Apple Stereo Headset with integrated microphone. This headset is not the one shipped with the iPod, it has to be bought additionally.
- iPod Touch 1st generation is NOT supported.
- ready for iPhone 5
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